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My name is Angela Miller and I am based in Santa Rosa County, FL. I specialize in military family disputes and DNA-connected family mediation. My background and personal experiences provide me with precise skills that complement military cultural proficiencies and emphatic reasoning needed for complicated genealogical dialogue.

We provide an impartial means of resolving unique family disputes online.

Got a unique situation? We're used to it and handle with care. Quickly email us to learn more at mediationnikan@gmail.com.

Issues We Typically Handle at Mediation Nikan

Custody of Minor Children
Distribution of Assets
Distribution of Liabilities
Child support
Legal Fees
Paternity With Non-Married Parents
Modification of Past Agreements
Extended Family Meditions

My Personal Journey As a Mediator

My unique life experiences as a soldier, traveler, and educator drives my passion to help parties in dispute understand their conflict and formulate a plan to transform their relationships. Learn more about me on this quick video.

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Mediation Nikan

Based in Pensacola, Florida. Mediating Worldwide by Zoom.850-992-2605mediationnikan@gmail.com

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